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5.Look at these different types of music

5.Look at these different types of music. What do you know about hem? What type of music is most popular in your place now? rap, reggae, rock, gospel, country, classical opera, jazz, pop, heavy metal rap – is when a person talks rhythmically and continuously to musical accompaniment. reggae – comes from Jamaica in the Caribbean. It is called the music of the poor, because the songs are about the problems the people have. gospel – religious music. country – is from America. Each song tells a story about modern life, love, and feelings. classical opera – classicism as a movement in art appeared in France in the 17th century. It is marked by the beauty of form good taste clarity and reserve. jazz – rhythmical music. pop – production of light dance music, popular music of the day especially for young people. rock’n’roll – music with a very strong rhythm and simple tune.

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