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Mrs. Parker

Mrs. Parker: Yes, that’s true. I think E P was a unique person. Otherwise people wouldn’t call him the King of Rock'n'roll. Elvis woke up the whole generation His records were blockbusters, so were his concerts. He brought healthy sexuality to music. When he started out he was all on his own. It took time, energy, patience to say what he wanted to the world. He challenged us to change. He never cheated. He always gave his best. When he died 80,ooo people came to attend his funeral. (отрывок о похоронах Э.П.) Radio and TV programs all over the world interrupted to inform people about his death. I have as a proof a documentary film. You will see a record of his last concert. In six days he died. Sweat streaming down his face as he worked – you can see what looked fun and natural had turned into a job requiring tremendous physical and mental effort. ( запись песни “My Way”).

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