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President Jimmy Carter

Mrs. Parker: I want to remind you the words of President Jimmy Carter: “He was the only king we ever had. E.P. was the king – the king of Rock'n'roll. He was a superstar who had been at the top for twenty two years enchanting millions of people. The entire nation mourns an idol. We have lost a friend. E.P. has changed the face of American popular culture. He was unique an irreplaceable. Mrs. Jones: Then I want to remind you what school teachers, and not only they, told people about his performance. They said that E.P. was hurting the teenage generation with his erotic behavior in public. He was introducing to his young generation a new sexual freedom which was declared unhealthy and demoralizing. “Unfit Hero for Youth” – he was called by press. (сюжет, где осуждают Э.П.) That’s why Edd Sullivan, who was a famous producer of TV shows, declared: ‘I don’t want him on my show. I don’t care what anyone says about him – how great a talent he is – he just won’t be on my show and that’s that”.

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