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Hemingway – WWI. In 1917 entered WWI Enlisted in the Italian Army as an ambulance driver Critically wounded in the leg while serving on the Italian front.

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«House» - Where are you from. arm - chair. Переведите на английский: Я живу в квартире №64 на 5-ом этаже. She is (4) ______ Russia. Написание адреса по-английски: I live (5) ______ the ninth floor. What is your name. telephone. How old are you. Квартира. Коттедж. Задачи урока: Количественные и порядковые числительные.

«Meat» - Meat… In soy no such amino acids that are present in the meat. A MAN who eats ALL. The proteins found in meat, its composition is very close to human. WHAT GOOD MEAT? Useful properties of meat and meat products are undeniable. meat. Meat products - a valuable source of iron, potassium, phosphorus.

«Sommerferien» - Wir fahren auf Dampfschiff. Wir pflucken Beere. Starikow Anton. Wir waren in Gebirge. Langere Reise mit Ubernachtunger in einem Zelt jch findet besjnders toll. Wir Blume pflancen. Das Fischen ist Hobbi. Katze. Der Sommer wir sorgen fur Haustiere: Kuhe, Hund. Wir spiel mit dem Freund. Wir fahren ins Auslands, ans Meer.

«School uniform» - School uniform in Canada. Pupils at most secondary schools in Britain have to wear a school uniform. This topic looks at a very large number of arguments about uniforms. Uniform required at almost all schools Japan. Shoes are usually black or brown. Boys wear a shirt and tie, dark trousers and dark-coloured pullovers.

«Human rights» - There is still many people who don’t know their rights. While we are entitled our human rights, we should also respect the human rights of others. Human rights entail both rights and obligations. Don’t allow yourself be uninformed, know your human rights! Non-discrimination is a cross-cutting principle in international human rights law.

«Teddy bear» - The bears maintained the talents of some early miacids for tree-climbing. Kodiak Bear. Some 38 million years ago bears began to go their own evolutionary way. The grizzly bear male is on average 1.8 times as heavy as the grizzly bear female. Panda Bear. The polar bear can without resting 80 km by ice-cold water to swim.

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