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The Lost Generation

The Lost Generation. The Generation of 1914 (WWI Generation) is often referred to as the Lost Generation These men and women volunteered to fight a war – the “Great War,” the “War to End All Wars” This war promised glory and honor.

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«Subculture» - On the contrary, it is … It is the term designating a kind of hardcore - music. Don’t forget about the other side of the problem. Оur purposes for today’s lesson are: On the one hand it is…, but on the other hand … Subculture. You are right. Учебный аспект – совершенствование речевых навыков. I don’t agree.

«The first flight» - Epigraph. In addition to it the dogs must be patient. Preparations. Firstly, scientific employees tamed dogs. “Technical characteristics”. The beginning of the exploration. Belka and Strelka made a flight 19 august 1960. American’s achievements. Also people taught them to eat from automatic feeding trough.

«Conflict» - Causes of conflict. The development of open conflict. Intrapersonal conflict. Awareness of conflict in at least one of the participants in social interaction. Conflict resolution. The main causes of conflicts. Social. The lack of understanding between the adults in the child's upbringing. 11. Children age crises.

«Женщина the woman» - Холостому помогай боже, а женатому хозяйка поможет. Наименование молодой девушки в современном английском языке. Пословицы. Муж - голова, жена- шея; куда хочу- туда верчу. « Der mann»- нем. A woman’s tongue wags like a lamb’s tail. A good wife makes a good husband. Chicken’s mind- Куриные мозги. Пути пополнения лексической группы «женщина» в английском языке.

«Teenagers problems» - Conflict with friends. How to tackle teenagers’ problems. If you follow our rules you won’t have problems. Smoking. Conflicts with sisters or brothers. School problems. Conflicts with parents. Look through the list of teenage problems. Teenagers’ problems. Как разрешить проблемы молодежи. Pocket money.

«Periodic table of elements» - inert gas. biological function. not installed. Ni + Cl2 = NiCl2. Ni + CuSO4 = NiSO4 + Cu. October 20, 1868 English astronomer Norman Lockyer. 2Co + O2 = 2CoO. 2Ni + B = Ni2B. 1735 Swedish mineralogist Georg Brandt. It is a part of vitamin B12 (cobalamin). 1751 swedish mineralogist Cronstedt. physical properties.

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