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«Youth subcultures» - skinhead. subculture. mod. biker. goth. raver. hacker. hippie. punk. rocker.

«Education system» - How it can be provided? About employment abroad. That gives this variety of opportunities what to prefer? Fundamental nature of preparation, its initial "nesuzhennost" allows to replace a profession easily, if necessary. It surprises you? CERTIFIED SPECIALIST. But it not the best option. MAGISTRACY - the best way for the bachelor to qualification tops.

«Sommerferien» - Starikow Anton. Wir alte Schloss besuchen. Langere Reise mit Ubernachtunger in einem Zelt jch findet besjnders toll. Wir pflucken Beere. Wir waren in der Fluss und der Wald. Katze. Der Sommer wir sorgen fur Haustiere: Kuhe, Hund. Sommerferien. Das Fischen ist Hobbi. Wir Blume pflancen. Wir waren in Gebirge.

«Olympic games 2012» - Closing ceremony. London became the first city to have received three Olympics. Oscar on the Olympic Games in 2012. Sports facilities. Olympic games in london. Olympic Torch Relay Olympic Games. Summer Olympic Games 2012. Medal standings. Oscar Pistorius is a man who never gives up. Talismans of Games – Wenlock and Mandeville.

«Cinema» - Modern K. in the USSR and other countries is a complex structure. thank you for your attention. Salkov and Cats presents. The most widely K. medium capacity (from 300 to 1,000 seats). Cinema. Theater, public building (or part of it), equipped for movies. The total number of K in the world - about 100 thousand.

«Subculture» - Make a list of arguments. Познавательный аспект – знакомство с мнениями людей о субкультурах. On the one hand it is…, but on the other hand … I don’t agree. On the contrary, it is … Subculture. Задачи: Цель: That’s right. Goth. It is the term designating a kind of hardcore - music. Work in group. What are your arguments for and against the subculture?

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