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Abolition of the British Committee of the Congress Formed in London

Abolition of the British Committee of the Congress Formed in London 1889 Established to inform the British public on Indian affairs and to popularise the views of Congress in Great Britain Despite prominent British and Indian members it was extremely feeble and made little impact on British opinion. Therefore a drain on the financial resources of Congress. Abolished 1920 so the lost funds could be put to good use in the campaign. > becoming far more fiscally astute, progress when handling a national movement of this scale Delegates at Congress Pre-1920 there was no limit to the number of delegates who could attend the annual and ad hoc special sessions. Therefore often dominated by those from the local districts and provinces. Rival factions could pack the sessions with supporters. > Unfair and unrepresentative. (safeguard- usually majority voting but still an issue) Post- 1920 changed system of delegates. One per 50,000. > made sessions far more representative. Provinces allocated a quota of delegates according to population. 1923 number of delegates attending had declined dramatically. 1921 Ahmedabad = 4728 1922 Gaya = 3848 1923 Cocanada = 1661! many Congressmen in prison and demoralisation followed the 1922 collapse of the movement Membership Nagpur Constitution 1920 introduced paid membership (voluntary). Annual subscription of 4 annas. Hope to provide a significant part of the financial resources needed for Congress works. Although figures incomplete, were areas where membership strong e.g. Gujarat, Hindustani, Bengal. 1922-23 membership declined, only 106, 046 for 16/20 provinces. BUT Jawaharlal Nehru said extent of people following not in people’s desire to join but in Congress’s capacity to reach remote villages (funds).

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