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Bhagat Singh

Bhagat Singh. Family history of involvement in revolutionary activities against the British Raj Quickly rose through ranks of the Hindu Republican Association. Gained support (but not of Gandhi- Singh bitter about this, self-sacrifice and suffering etc) when underwent a 63 day fast in jail demanding equal rights for Indian and British political prisoners. Won campaign. Hung for shooting police officer in response to killing of Lala Lajpat Rai. Hung 1931 His shooting of police officer was only discovered after he was arrested after bombing the Legislative Assembly of Central Government with Batikeshwera K. Dutt. One person injured – claims position of bomb etc meant didn’t want to actually kill anyone but ignored at trial. On leaflet he threw in with the bombs “It is easy to kill individuals but you cannot kill the ideas” Violent resistance displayed graver risks and less reward. Needed media support from outside, people less sympathetic to violence and Gandhi said not proving that were able to self-govern Few numbers compared to non-violent campaign, but cannot be ignored because did affect the movement significantly – prompted others to act as such and for the movement to be called off, and numerous fasts by Gandhi (fact that his fasting worked in bringing back peace is interesting point though) Difference in age range (Congress 31-50, violence often much younger, see case of Singh and Azad- was the Congress campaign directly engaging the younger population?) Did hinder the movement? Tainted it but also used to advantage. Worse of two evils scenario. Gandhi even said “If you work with the Congress for all it is worth you will say goodbye to terrorism…without that liberty there are thousands toward who are sworn not to give themselves to peace or to give the country peace” (Round Table Conference, 1931- perhaps not a successful argument then?).

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