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Chandrashekar Azad

Chandrashekar Azad. Real name = Chandrashekhar Sitaram Tiwari Azad means freedom (after first arrests for involvement in non-violent campaign in 1921) After suspension of Non-Cooperation Movement attracted by more aggressive and violent revolutionary ideas (although long held fascination with guns) Independence by any means led to his forming the Hindustan Socialist Republican Association and was mentor for others such as Bhagat Singh, Sukhdev etc HSRA wanted full Indian independence and to build new India on socialist principles Kakori Train Robbery (1926) which was an attempt to blow up the Viceroy’s train, and the shooting of John Poyantz Saunderes (1928) to avenge the killing of Lala Lajpat Rai (a widely revered Congressman- beating sustained during anti-Simon Commission demonstration) Vowed that he would never be arrested by British police and would die a free man. February 27, 1931 met two comrades at Slfred Park, Allahabad. Tip off, police surrounded park and ordered Azad surrender. Fought alone, killed 3 policemen. Shot in thigh, used ammunition saw no means of escape and shot himself Photo shows how police laid out Azad’s dead body for the public to see in order to display what would happen if you behaved like Azad. – a deterrent.

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