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Noncooperation Movement 1920-22

Noncooperation Movement 1920-22. So developing Congress took up most of 1920 and with good reason. It resulted in the advantages discussed (representation, organisation, funding to act and empower, democratic procedures etc). Congress had also through these developments developed a structure of authority paralleling that of the British- like a state within a state. It had its own uniform (khadi) and operated in Hindi as much as in English. Delegates were not bound by Congress decisions (e.g. lack of action in sectional disputes such as strikes) Gandhi had made a loose coalition of interests, classes and different religious groups and constantly worked towards this aim. > strength through uniting and numbers and the exchange of ideas. Gandhi’s personal charisma often held it together (when he was in jail, Nehru and Patel initially unsure what to do). Alliance was a fragile one. So 1920 taken up by creating the right situation to allow for action to be taken. 1921 year of mass action. Early 1921, NCO launched by students leaving schools and colleges. Two big student strikes in Calcutta and Lahore. Alternative ‘national schools’ founded and two uni’s in Aligarh and Ahmedabad. Lawyers gave up practice (choice for those in Congress, Congress or practice = the committed) e.g Motilal Nehru and C.R. Das Popular arbitration courts established July 1921 boycott of foreign cloth launched (Gandhi had launched this campaign in 1919, made a simple cheap spinning wheel that all could carry around but in 1921 that the boycott really took off nationally).

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