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Women Women were drawn in First female delegate in 1920

Women Women were drawn in First female delegate in 1920. 1918 = 0.55% 1923 = 3.61%. (still remained a significant minority) Urban/rural representation Tried to balance out the number of delegates from urban and rural areas. Did reduce those from towns until in 1921 rural delegates significantly dominated, thereby more true representation of Indian interests as a whole Leaders Mostly educated, middle or upper class. Monopoly of lawyers. Successfully mixed up the occupational status of its leaders. More representative Pre-1920 social position secured a leading role in the Movement. Post-1920 it was the renunciation of social position and the demonstration of willingness to accept sacrifices that was demanded of those who desired to lead. Gandhi told lawyers that they had to make choice, keep their Congress position and lose their legal practice, or leave.- therefore got people who were totally committed. So… Indian National Congress represented a broad national front not a tightly organised party. Gandhi “it is not a party organisation” but it developed a structure of authority paralleling that of the British- like a state within a state. Own uniform (khadi) and operated in Hindu as much as English. Provided a platform for all parties – like a coalition consisting of elements which agreed on general aims and methods but not always on specific items of policy or program. Forum for debate Very loose structure, democratic (limits) – useful as general aim at this point was the same (in 1920-21 that is. Later were factions) Delegates were not bound by Congress decisions (e.g. on sectional aspects such as industrial strikes) Acquired a very strong executive arm which gave effect to its official policy Idea became an instrument of its benefactors wholly unfounded (Krishnar) Alliance was often a fragile one.

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