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«Tom Sawyer» - Докажите, что Том – большой фантазёр и изобретатель. While there is life, there is hope. Read the text by M. Twain “The Adventures of Tom Sawyer”. You know a man by his friends. All is well, that ends well. Докажите, что Том – веселый, жизнерадостный мальчишка, который не выносит скуки. Tom Sawyer Aunt Polly Becky Thacher.

«Jonathan Swift» - Gulliver's Travels Travels into Several Remote Nations of the World by Lemuel Gulliver http://www.jaffebros.com/lee/gulliver/contents.html. 1704. I am now trying an experiment very frequent among modern authors; which is to write upon Nothing; when the subject is utterly exhausted, to let the pen still move on; by some called the ghost of Wit, delighting to walk after the death of its body. -- Conclusion, A Tale of A Tub And to say the truth, there seems to be no part of knowledge in fewer hands, than that of discerning when to have done. -- Conclusion, A Tale of A Tub ... I am wonderfully well acquainted with the present relish of courteous readers, and have often observed with singular pleasure, that a fly driven from a honey-pot will immediately, with very good appetite, alight and finish his meal on an excrement. -- Conclusion, A Tale of a Tub.

«Марк Твен на английском» - Tom is wounded. A man is known by the company he keeps. «Yes» or «No»? Том рассказывает тёте Салли об освобождении Джима. Huckleberry Finn lives in a small town in Missouri. Марк Твен. The Duke and Dauphin betray Jim to the farmers. What is my name? He has got freedom from his old owner long ago. Скажи мне, кто твой друг, и я скажу, кто ты.

«Harry Potter» - Harry Potter was parselmouth. Harry Potter was a Horcrux Volan de Mort. There are seven books in the Harry Potter series. Cruciatus - Cruciatus curse. I want to talk about these books. Inexcusable spells: Avada Kedavra - Killing Curse. Imperio - immune to the curse. Harry Potter was born on July 31, 1980, date of birth Rowling July 31, 1965.

«Reading» - Agatha Christie was born in Devon,England,on September 15, 1890. I am mad about books. Books have influenced all my life. She was a talented child. I`m her absolute No 1 fan! In 1930 ,she wrote a powerful detective story,The Murder at the Vicarage. I love reading detective. My hobby is reading. Her first novel,The Mysterious Affair at Styles,die1920.

«Joanne Rowling» - Роулинг активно занимается благотворительностью. Роулинг заявила, что не исключает, что напишет продолжение серии. К пяти годам Джоанна едва ли не наизусть знала все детские книжки. Джоан Роулинг является обладательницей множества престижных литературных премий. Джоан посещала начальную школу Сент-Майклс.

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