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Samara. During World War II Samara (the city is situated not far from Moscow), then named Kuibyshev, was considered to be the second capital of USSR. Many famous people worked and lived in Samara including outstanding Russian writers Lev Tolstoy and Maxim Gorky, painters Ilya Repin, Vasily Surikov and Ivan Aivazovsky, revolutionists Michael Frunze and Vladimir Lenin. Even French writer Alexander Duma paid a visit to Samara in 1858. Impressed by the travel he wrote the book "From Paris to Astrakhan" and gave his description of Samara in it. Facts about Samara Area: 260 sq km Location: Samara is situated in the southeastern European part of Russia in the Midstream of the largest river in Europe - the Volga. Population: approx 1,133,000 (2005 est.) Foundation: 1586 Climate: Samara has a distinct continental climate. The annual air temperature is + 3,8 C. The average temperature in January is -13,9 C, in July +20,1 C. Major attractions: Art museum, Museum of Aleksey Tolstoy, Drama Theater, Opera and Ballet house.

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