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Moscow. Moscow, the capital of Russia is located on the river Moskva in the western region of Russia. Russian contrasts are more present here than in any other city in Russia. Ancient monasteries and ultra-modern monoliths stand side by side and the new Russian millionaires and the poor pensioners walk side by side in the same streets. The Kremlin stands in the very heart of Moscow. Facts about Moscow Area: over 1,091 sq km Location: European part of Russian Federation, between the Oka and the Volga Rivers, on the Moskva River. Population: approx 10,407,000 (2005 est.) Foundation: 1147, by Duke Yuri Dolgorukiy Climate: The climate varies from intensely cold winters to swelteringly hot summers. Major attractions: Kremlin, Red Square, St. Basil's Cathedral, Poklonnaya Mountain, Cathedral of Christ the Savior.

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