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Novosibirsk. A notable city in the vicinity of Omsk is Novosibirsk. Believe it or not, this quiet town is the third-most-populous in Russia and the nerve center of Siberia. Home to almost 1.5 million inhabitants, Novosibirsk is a major player in the Russian economy. Novosibirsk is the largest industrial, scientific, cultural and administrative center of Siberia. The city was founded in 1893, and at first it functioned just as the settlement for the workers who built the bridge over the Ob River. Novosibirsk was supposed to be a local trade center, but since the October Revolution it became the city of not only industrial, but also cultural and scientific importance. Gradually it was turned into the forth largest city of Russia. The architectural look of Novosibirsk is represented by the grandeur building of the Central Railway Station, the Opera Theater, and the central square ensemble. There are more than 2 thousand historical and architectural monuments on the territory of Novosibirsk. The Novosibirsk zoo is one of the very best in Europe, with over 4,000 animal species and an enviable collection of jungle cats. The opera and ballet are perhaps the most popular attractions. Facts about Novosibirsk Area: 477 sq km Location: The city lies on the both banks of the Ob River, in the middle of Russia. Population: approx 1,406,600 (2005 est.) Foundation: 1893 Climate: The climate is sharply continental. The average temperature in winter is -19 C, in summer + 21 C. Major attractions: Voznesensky Cathedral, Chapel of St Nikolai, Catholic Cathedral, Museum of Regional Studies.

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