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Omsk Omsk is the second-largest city in Russia east of the Ural mountains. In southwest Siberia, the city was the defacto capital of Russia while the Civil War tore across Moscow in 1918. With just over 1 million people, Omsk has some attractions of note for tourists. A chief focal point is the former market of Gostiny Dvor. Omsk, founded in 1716, is a large industrial, educational and cultural center with a population over one million. In the 50-s of the 20th century Omsk became an important oil-processing city. Omsk is a typical modern city with wide thoroughfares, numerous bridges and high sky-scrapers. In the old part of the city one can see examples of architecture of previous centuries including the Tobolskie Gate leading to the city fortress, the oldest constructions in Omsk. In the 19th century the convicts had to pass through this gate daily when they went to the timber cutting works. Among the convicts was the famous Russian writer Fyodor Dostoevsky. The palace of general-governor is another interesting sight of Omsk. Facts about Omsk Area: 140,000 sq km (territory of Omsk Region) Location: The city lies in the southwest of Siberian Federal District, on the Irtysh River. Population: approx 1,143,000 (2005 est.) Foundation: 1716 Climate: The climate is dry and relatively temperate, but marked by violent snow-storms and sand-storms. Major attractions: Nikolsky Cathedral, The Palace of the Governor-General, Former Military School.

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