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Red Square is Russia's Glorious Heritage. Contrary to popular belief, Red Square received its name through the Russian word for “red”, which centuries ago meant “beautiful”, and not due to a communist symbol or the red Kremlin walls. Red Square came into being during the reign of Ivan III at the end of the 15th century. Named after the Trinity Cathedral, the Red Square was formerly known as Trinity Square, and is believed to only have had the name changed at the end of the 17th century. St Basil’s Cathedral is now located in the site where Trinity Cathedral once stood. St Basil’s Cathedral is situated along side the eastern wall of the Kremlin, with its spiraling bright colored onion domes. Also located around Red Sqaure, is the Kazan Cathedral, Russia’s National Museum, the GUM department store and the 1990 replica of the Resurrection Gate. During the reign of Peter the Great and Ivan the Terrible, Red Square was used for public executions, and on the Red Square platform named Lobnoye Mesto, the Tsar would sometimes address the people.

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