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Saint Petersburg

Saint Petersburg. Saint Petersburg is a very young city compared to old European capitals and, probably, the only city in the world that has acquired so much historic significance in such a short time. It was founded in 1703 as an outlet to the sea, which was very important for Russia's future development from both strategic and economical points of view. Facts about St.Petersburg Area: 606 sq km Location: Located at the mouth of the Neva River and across the islands of its delta on the coast of the Finnish Gulf. Population: approx 4,600,000 (2005 est.) Foundation: May 1703, by Peter the Great Climate: The climate is intermediate (from nautical to continental). The average temperature in July is +18 C, in February -8 C. Major attractions: Hermitage, Winter Palace, St Isaac Cathedral, Savior on the Blood, Alexander Nevsky Lavra.

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