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Yekaterinburg. The most important city in central Russia, Yekaterinburg is also the fifth largest in terms of population. It was known as Sverdlovsk in the Soviet era. In addition to the city’s historical significance, Yekaterinburg yields an abundance of cultural Attractions as well. The city is recognized throughout Russia for excellent theatres, with the Academic Ballet and Opera, Kolyada and Dramatic Theatre primary among them. Facts about Yekaterinburg Area: more than 400,00 sq km Location: The capital of Sverdlovskaya oblast, middle Urals, Russian Federation, Yekaterinburg is situated right on the border between Europe and Asia. Population: approx 1,304,000 (2005 est.) Foundation: 1723 Climate: Yekaterinburg is far away from Atlantics and close to Siberia, so the climate here is continental. In Yekaterinburg winters are cold and long, and summers are quite warm. The coldest month is January, when average temperature reaches -16 -17 C. The warmest month is July with the average temperature of 18 C Major attractions: Ipatiev House, Cathedral on the Blood, Opera House, Europe-Asia border obelisk.

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