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«Youth subcultures» - mod. punk. hippie. subculture. hacker. goth. skinhead. biker. raver. rocker.

«My house» - There is a small table between the sofa and the armchair. A dining room, a living room, kitchen, a nursery and a bedroom. And above a table two white beautiful standard lamps. And to the right of a jacuzzi there is a toilet. In it there is a white table, television set, little leather settee. Near the mirror there is a case for different subjects.

«Print advertising» - What is print advertising? Creative advertising posters in magazines. Examples of creative advertising posters in magazines: Advantages of a print advertising. PRINT ADVERTISING. Advertising in magazines. Print advertising rules. They knew how to engage the viewer. Types of print advertising. Creative business cards.

«Flat» - a dining-room. task. a wall unit. flowers. a kitchen. There ... 2 beds in the room. a picture. There is no place like home. Around the table there are 2 chairs. HOME, SWEET HOME. Opposite the sofa there are bookshelves. a living-room. There a ... in the room. This is a living – room. On the table there is a stereo.

«Human rights» - But the biggest problem is violating the basics of human rights. What are human rights? Equal and non-discriminatory. Universal and inalienable. Human rights are inalienable. Interdependent and indivisible. There is still many people who don’t know their rights. These rights are all interrelated, interdependent and indivisible.

«Subculture» - Emo. I think it’s absolutely wrong to… I also think so. I must agree that… Thank you for your lesson!!! Развивающий аспект – развитие способности к обобщению, развитие логичности и доказательности. Лексика урока: Don’t forget about the other side of the problem. What are your arguments for and against the subculture?

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