<<  Discussion The algorithm proved robust against a large mortality dataset that  >>

Conclusion. The SAS algorithm successfully assigned body region and nature of injury classifications to a multi-year ICD-10 coded mortality dataset. This new injury diagnosis matrix and the SAS algorithm that embodies it will constitute a useful tool for the description and analysis of fatal injury data. The matrix will serve as an initial injury classification benchmark for ICD-10 (and, later, during the transition to ICD-10-CM coding for medical data).

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«My working day» - After that, I go to the bathroom. I go to the bed at 21 o‘clock. I clean my teeth. I get up at 7 o‘clock. MY WORKING DAY. After that,I watch TV,and listen music. GOOD MORNING!!! I always have four or five lessons at school. I наvе supper at half past 19. I have free time at 10 o’clock. After breakfast I read books.

«Английский алфавит» - A a. E e. Y y. W w. Q q. R r. Alphabet. I i. M m. N n. S s. H h. Z z. D d. C c. U u. O o. T t. P p. B b. G g. X x. L l. J j. Английский алфавит. K k. V v. F f.

«Английский алфавит для детей» - Буква Е. Зонт - umbrella. N висеть не надоест. Пломбир - ice-cream. Собака- dog. Молодой пират. Queen- царица. Рентген. На охоту вышла С. Всадник. Буква J. Ключик - key. Буква V. Буква B. Буква F. Буква S. Волк- a wolf. Идет молва. Игрушка- toy. Буква A. Дуб - oak-tree. Буква М. Буква Z. Буква L. Буква Y.

«Семья по-английски» - All of your family plus you is a family. One and another makes two is a family. Find as many words as you can in this puzzle. Check your answers. My family. Helping mother. Карта ассоциаций. All kinds of creatures can make up a family. Relations in the family are very important. Listen to the song and relax.

«Дни недели» - Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday. Wednesday. Friday. Sturday. Живут в английском языке семь верных братьев. Tuesday. Thursday. Sunday. Monday.

«Цвета на английском» - Цвет серебряный красивый. Розовые розы падают на ринг. white. Тёмный-тёмный наш чердак. Цвет красивый розовый, по-английски - pink. black. Голубоватый – значит bluish. Облизнувшись, кошка съела Желток жёлтый. Золотистый – просто golden. По-английски – просто silver. Голубоватый цвет ты любишь? Иду ко дну!

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