<<  In order to validate the algorithm, we first tested it against the For every injury death, we applied the algorithm to each injury  >>
Data & Methods

Data & Methods. We next applied the algorithm to the 1999-2001 MCOD data. We selected all cases with at least one injury diagnosis on the record axis. This gave us 540,748 cases, which broke down by age and sex as follows: AGE. AGE. SEX. SEX. SEX. Female. Male. Total. 50 or younger. 71,959 (13.3%). 218,909 (40.5%). 290,868 (53.8%). Over 50. 113,097 (20.9%). 136,783 (25.3%). 249,880 (46.2%). Total. 185,056 (34.2%). 355,692 (65.8%). 540,748 (100.0%).

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«Body» - STOMACH. MOUTH. Плечи. Нос. Ступня. Глаза. Уши. FACE. MOUSTACHE. EYES. BACK. Руки. Спина. Волосы. NECK. HEAD. Усы. FOOT. NOSE. BEARD. Борода. Моё тело. CHEST. Рот. Пальцы. MY BODY. BODY. Кисть. Ноги. ARMS. Тело. EARS. FINGERS. Лицо. Голова. SHOULDERS. LEGS. Живот. Шея. HAIR. HAND. Грудная клетка.

«Английский алфавит» - Y y. F f. W w. J j. U u. Alphabet. A a. M m. I i. N n. R r. Q q. Z z. H h. S s. K k. Английский алфавит. V v. B b. D d. L l. G g. C c. O o. E e. T t. P p. X x.

«Languages» - Bonjoir! Hello! Ciao! Alo! USA. Canadian English French. Russian Russian. Russia. Polish Polish. British English. Australia. Добрий день! Ukrainian Ukrainian. Ukraine. Poland. Good afternoon! Great Britain. Buenos Dias! French French. German German. On the board you see all flags. Song Hello! Your task is to write nationalities according to the flags.

«Семья по-английски» - Guess who they are. All kinds of creatures can make up a family. The children that lived in a shoe is a family. Who is a family. Find as many words as you can in this puzzle. Listen to the song and relax. What is a family. You need to continue my poems with the names of members of the family. Relations in the family are very important.

«My family» - Numerals- числительные. Grandfather - дедушка. Sister - сестра. Meet my family. My mother is thirty three. Uncle - дядя. Possessive case – Притяжательный падеж имен существительных. Father – папа. Aunt - тетя. Family members. Son - сын. Brother - брат. My brothers` names are Bill and Richard. Имена (чьи?) моих братьев – Бил и Ричард.

«Алфавит английского языка» - Для цветов стоит у нас На столе столе цветная VASE. Куры сели на насест. Облизнувшись, кошка съела Желток желтый, желтый – YELLOW. Запирай все на замок, На большой, огромный LOCK. E for eggs see the chicks that hatch out. M is for mask that nides your face. C is for cat its its whiskers long. Y is for yellow and daffodils so pale.

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