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Early Literacy

Early Literacy. “What children know about reading and writing before they actually learn to read and write”.

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«Human rights» - Human rights entail both rights and obligations. Both Rights and Obligations. It is very important to be informed with your human rights. Non-discrimination is a cross-cutting principle in international human rights law. These rights are all interrelated, interdependent and indivisible. The main purpose of human rights.

«Mass Media» - English marks. Advantages. Thank you for attention. Verb activator. Средства массовой информации. Sources of information. Answer the questions. How do you feel. Whenever the weather is cold. Rocking around the Christmas tree. Mass Media.

«My house» - Bathroom and hall. A dining room, a living room, kitchen, a nursery and a bedroom. There is a sofa near the window and comfortable armchair. There is a closet of clothes and closet for a shoe. In the middle of the bathroom there is a jacuzzi. Now we are in a nursery. You can see blue sea from its windows.

«Youth problems» - real ly hard ly frank ly actual ly Luck ily honest ly Personal ly. Метод: интерактивный Тип:обучающий. Smoking. Defendant-подсудимый judge-судья plaintiff -истец to arrest-арестовать. Youth problems: Youth groups. The right to… Adult jails-тюрьмы для взрослых. Dangerous exciting Hard easy Serious silly Boring false True safe.

«Family and friends» - Smoking. New words. Family and friends. School problems. Films. Some misunderstandings between parents and children. Рекомендации к применению данной презентации. Look at the photos. Fashion music. Речевая разминка. Dieting. Friends. Drinks. Do your parents understand you. Краткий конспект урока. Computer games.

«Flat» - There ... a wardrobe in the room. There a ... in the room. This is a living – room. a carpet. a living-room. There ... a chair in the room. an armchair. Opposite the sofa there are bookshelves. HOME, SWEET HOME. a computer. task. On the table there is a stereo. A FLAT. crossword. a chair. There is a table in the middle of the room.

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