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Summary of Research on ROR

Summary of Research on ROR. ROR significantly and positively influences the literacy environment of children: Parents read more to their children, parents and children have more positive attitudes toward reading aloud Children participating in ROR tend to have increased language development in comparison to non-participating children.

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«Healthy life» - Exercise will make you feel better, improve your health and help you perform at your best every day. Turn your store or coffee break into a walking break. Here a few: Park father away from work, the grocery the shopping mall Take your dog for a 20-30 minute walk every other day. Healthy eating. How you keep your healthy life?

«Teddy bear» - The grizzly has 30 years an average life. The size of the large males Kodiak Bear exceeds 3 m and their weight can reach a ton. The grizzly bear male is on average 1.8 times as heavy as the grizzly bear female. Bears. Bear. Some 38 million years ago bears began to go their own evolutionary way. Panda Bear.

«Education system» - It surprises you? Certainly, it is possible to continue "to swot away" sciences independently. To all these requirements the person with degree of the bachelor also satisfies. How it can be provided? And how specialization? MAGISTRACY - the best way for the bachelor to qualification tops. MODERN SYSTEM OF EDUCATION IN RUSSIA.

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«Human rights» - Human rights are inalienable. There is still many people who don’t know their rights. While we are entitled our human rights, we should also respect the human rights of others. We are all equally entitled to our human rights without discrimination. Both Rights and Obligations. But the biggest problem is violating the basics of human rights.

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