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Developed from the group of MPs known as the Tories in the early

Developed from the group of MPs known as the Tories in the early nineteenth century=> the term “Tory”. Although it was in government for two-thirds of the twentieth century, it has been in opposition in Parliament since losing the 1997 election to the Labour Party under Tony Blair.

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«Sommerferien» - Das Fischen ist Hobbi. Langere Reise mit Ubernachtunger in einem Zelt jch findet besjnders toll. Wir alte Schloss besuchen. Katze. Wir Blume pflancen. Der Sommer wir sorgen fur Haustiere: Kuhe, Hund. Wir spiel mit dem Freund. Wir fahren ins Auslands, ans Meer. Starikow Anton. Wir waren in der Fluss und der Wald.

«House» - table. Прочитай головоломку и найди спрятанное слово. arm - chair. Знакомство с порядковыми числительными. Переведите на английский: Напиши вопросы к ответам. She is (4) ______ Russia. HOME. Написание письма. Коттедж. Подбери слова: Квартира. Я живу на улице Торпедо, в доме 30. computer. What is your name.

«Different subcultures» - hairstyle - mohawk. DJ -. Enthusiasts and fans of motorcycles. Punk. Rockers -. Gamers. a person who listens to music or he sings hip-hop. Informals -. Unlike normal motorcycle, the biker motorcycle is part of the lifestyle. Skinheads -. Goths -. On their heads they are often quite fashionable leather caps.

«My house» - And two bras hang above the beds. There is a big black lamp in the middle of the room. The dolls sit on the armchairs. PRESENTATION: "MY FUTURE HOUSE". Now we are in a nursery. In the middle of the bathroom there is a jacuzzi. Dining-room. Garden. The is a TV-set near the sofa. There are many beautiful fresh green flowers in the kitchen.

«Pioneers» - Pioneer – a member of all-union pioneer organization in USSR and some youth democratic organizations in other countries. Pioneer camps. «Pioneers Truth» («Pionerskaya Pravda») - the soviet children newspaper since 1925. «Pioneers Zorka» - all-union daily radio newspaper for pioneers and schoolchildren since 1925.

«Женщина the woman» - Наименование молодой девушки в современном английском языке. The wife is the key to the house. Холостому помогай боже, а женатому хозяйка поможет. Пути пополнения лексической группы «женщина» в английском языке. A woman’s tongue wags like a lamb’s tail. Женский интеллект. От нашего ребра нам не ждать добра;

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