<<  The Sun and Earth in the distant future Evolution of the Sun: With The Sun and Earth in the distant future Evolution of the Sun: With  >>
The Sun and Earth in the distant future Evolution of the Sun: With

The Sun and Earth in the distant future Evolution of the Sun: With mass loss. Mass loss ? weaker gravitational pull – so the Sun expands a bit more, but also the planetary orbits expand. If angular momentum is conserved, then: where rE is the radius of the Earth’s orbit at time t and ?E is the (constant) orbital angular momentum. At the tip RGB, the Sun reaches a radius of 1.2 AU, but the Earth’s orbit has moved out to 1.5 AU. By the time it gets to the AGB, the Sun has lost so much mass from its envelope that it expands less far, only to 0.7 AU, so the Earth escapes:

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