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The Sun and Earth in the distant future What happens to life, and when

The Sun and Earth in the distant future What happens to life, and when? The Earth is swallowed ~0.5 million years before the RGB tip, or about 7.59 Gy in the future But increased solar irradiation acts much faster – even without increased CO2, the rise in temperature will cause evaporation of the oceans to start – and water vapour is another greenhouse gas A moist greenhouse effect will continue until the oceans have boiled dry (Laughlin, Sky & Telescope, June 2007, p.32) Solar UV will then dissociate the water molecules, and the hydrogen will escape, leaving the Earth a lifeless dust-bowl The subsequent dry greenhouse effect will raise the temperature further until the Earth is essentially a molten ball Timescale is ~1 Gy – so life will disappear long before the Earth does.

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