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Introduction and Status quo contd… Uganda & CONSENT in Brief

Introduction and Status quo contd… Uganda & CONSENT in Brief. CONSENT in brief Consumer Education Trust (CONSENT) is a civil society organization that strives for a socially informed, equitable and just society through empowerment of consumers, promotion of ethical practices among business and engagement of policymakers to enact pro-people policies for present and future generations. CONSENT designs and implements programs and activities through stakeholder/public awareness; capacity enhancement; constructive dialogue; policy research and advocacy; and advisory services on socio-economic issues. Objectives To promote consumer education at all levels of society; To promote sustainable dialogue among stakeholders for the benefit of consumers; To carry out research and develop resources for advocacy, awareness and training programs accessible to stakeholders; To develop a resource center to facilitate different stakeholders. To establish links and networks with likeminded organizations, institutions and individuals in promotion of a fairer marketplace.

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