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Introduction and Status quo contd… Uganda in Brief

Introduction and Status quo contd… Uganda in Brief. SOCIAL & HISTORICAL POINTERS Historical background: Former British protectorate, stable before independence but chaotic afterwards (turmoil, unrest, economic decline) Major languages: English (official), Kiswahili, Ganda Major religions: Christians, Muslims Number of phone lines: 1.040.127 mobile, 71.056 fixed (4.2% penetration) – UCC, Nov. 2004 Access to electricity: 5% of population (250,000 connections - ERA) Access to clean water: 60% (national), 55% rural – 2004 (DWD) Literacy rate: 69.9% Adult HIV prevalence: 7% (MoH, 2005) No of radio sets (per 1000pple): 130 (unicef, 2002) No of television sets (per 1000pple): 16 (unicef, 2002) Prevalence of poverty: 38% (MoFPED, 2004) Available capacity: 315mw (April 2005- ERA) Population / population density: 26.7 million / 126 persons per Km2 (UN, 2004) Population growth / fertility rate: 3.4% PA / 6.8 children per woman.

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