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Inventions, Action & Way forward contd… · Consumer awareness and access to information about consumables is a right, in fact a human right, synonymous with the need to promote socio-economic harmony and prosperity at all societal levels through facilitating consumers’ understanding and response so as to enable people from all walks of life to live safely and responsibly. · One of foundations or strong pillars for addressing the risk of food-related diseases is public/stakeholder/consumer awareness and involvement. This is an effective tool that should be applied for the operationalization of laws and regulations to sustain food-safety activities and programs. · Complimentary efforts require a multi-sectoral approach to address the documented and undocumented incidences of food borne diseases through public private partnerships to hold the bull of challenges by the horns. · Consumer organizations promote rights and responsibilities of consumers through advocating for the establishment of legislation, institutions and information that improve quality of life and empower people to make changes in the quality of their lives.

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