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Inventions, Action & Way forward contd…

Inventions, Action & Way forward contd… · Consumer organizations campaign to ensure availability of good quality and safe food that is accessible and affordable for consumers through an enabling environment through advocating for the right policies, regulatory and institutional framework. · In order for government, local authorities and the private sector to realize food safety, they should apply result-oriented approaches at all stages to benefit consumers using the following principles: Involving stakeholders in decision-making Increase investment in infrastructure and institutions Applying simple participatory methods as much as possible and Using existing expertise and infrastructure effectively. We should not always re-invent the wheel – let’s as much as possible evaluate and build on the existing resources. · Promote consumer awareness at all societal levels through involving all stakeholders while stressing rights, responsibilities, DOs and DONTs in food safety. · Immediate review and enactment of a modern food safety law and regulations · Immediate operationalization of stakeholder awareness initiatives of the CODEX Guidelines on Street vended foods in Africa to promote food hygiene.

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«Pioneers» - There were 19.5 million young pioneers in 1984. The biggest pioneer camps are: «Artek» - the all-union camp «Orlenok», «Young guard», «Zubrenok». «Pioneers Truth» («Pionerskaya Pravda») - the soviet children newspaper since 1925. «Pioneers Zorka» - all-union daily radio newspaper for pioneers and schoolchildren since 1925.

«Pointillism» - It is also called. Match the artist’s name with the picture, he painted. 5. «The beach Heist» is painted by French artist. that blend, generating others. «Port in Marcel». History. «A still life with a book». True False Not stated. The scheme of Pointillism. transparent paints. «Portrait of Fenix Fenion».

«Invention» - 1930 Charles Jenkins broadcasts the first TV commercial. The term bicycle was coined in France in the 1860s. he inventors of the first airplane were Orville and Wilbur Wright. John Baird opens the first TV studio, however, the image quality was poor. He is considered by many Italians as the inventor of the telephone.

«Food» - Reported cases per 100,000 population, by year – U.S., 1972-2002. Irradiation. Foodborne disease outbreaks, cases and deaths 1993-1997 Salmonella had the highest number. Most common serotypes: S. typhimurium, S. enteriditis, S. Newport. MMWR. Campylobacter jejuni. Surveillance. HACCP. Surveillance CDC FoodNet and PulseNet Regulation FDA Domestic and imported food USDA FSIS Meat, eggs, poultry National Marine Fisheries Service.

«Kinds of sports» - Drills for skills. Hockey. Sailing. Skiing. Football (soccer). Golf. Tennis. It is a game played between two teams of eleven players. Polo. Спорт в Великобритании. Billiards. Gymnastics. Grand Prix motor racing. English proverbs about sports and health. Swimming. Football. Figure skating. Riddles. Horse racing.

«Sommerferien» - Wir pflucken Beere. Das Fischen ist Hobbi. Langere Reise mit Ubernachtunger in einem Zelt jch findet besjnders toll. Wir Blume pflancen. Wir alte Schloss besuchen. Starikow Anton. Wir waren in Gebirge. Der Sommer wir sorgen fur Haustiere: Kuhe, Hund. Katze. Wir fahren ins Auslands, ans Meer. Sommerferien.

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