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Status quo contd.. Much of the burden of illness results from basic sanitation failures that occur during food production, processing, retailing and handling in the home. Basic food hygiene is made difficult by the lack of necessary sanitation infrastructure in many parts of the country and segments of the food system. It’s appreciated that with perfect markets; there would be no need to regulate for safety. Consumers with perfect knowledge about the safety of the products on offer would decide for themselves what suited their needs best and their decisions, by themselves, would be sufficient to ensure that unsafe products would get no sales and would find no place in the market. However the reality and practical outcome on the Ugandan market is different thus requires effective interventions through appropriate policies legal and institutional frameworks. It is appreciated that there is nothing like zero risk and that perfect safety is impossible. It is noted that many products on sale every day carry considerable risks. Justifying the need to protect consumers from dangers that they cannot reasonably foresee or guard themselves against. It is appreciated that, it is difficult for consumers to protect themselves against risks without guidance thus the SFI project and other initiatives are welcome but should be practical and result- oriented to answer challenges in the arena.

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