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Status quo contd… The risks arising from improper hygiene practices in the manufacturing, distribution and handling of food products at home are clearly considerable. This calls for modern policy frameworks and enforcement regimes to impose a duty on all involved in the production, processing and sale of food products to sell to consumers only products that are safe and wholesome. In reality, implementation has proved impossible due to a number of facts that are political, economic, social, spiritual and cultural. Existing legal and regulatory frameworks in Uganda can protect and improve food safety but the ability to implement is lacking and some of the regimes are obsolete. In the existing laws, surveillance and recall regimes exist but are not applied. For example, the Public Health Act empowers local governments to inspect eating houses before licensing. However, this is not happening. Why? It’s due to incoherence in policy, coupled with financial constraints at local government level. Change of policy that came with wide-ranging reforms since the late 1980s to the present day has resulted in down-sizing of the civil service and deregulation. Institutions performing the role of quality assurance and creating safety nets were greatly affected by the developments. For instance, the Uganda National Bureau of Standards as well as other institutions at national and local authorities (district) levels are understaffed and under-resourced. Consumer organizations and other stakeholders are involved but the effective participation is limited to a few activities because do not have statutory powers to apprehend and litigate all through the legal system.

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