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Status quo contd… As key stakeholders, Consumer organizations (COs) play a role with regard to any societal concerns and interests by providing input to policy, legal, regulatory and institutional frameworks, protocols, agreements, negotiations and implementation processes and agendas like food safety and control system among others. COs are also recognized and appreciated as entities that act on behalf of the voiceless, vulnerable and resource poor communities. As the eyes, ears and voices of the communities they also compliment the mainstream actors - government. Their involvement is paramount in attaining effective food control systems for a healthy nation. CONSENT’s campaign in food safety underlines the responsibility and importance of having safe and hygienic food right from the farm, through the market to our plates. It is the organisation’s position that it’s everyone’s responsibility as we are all consumers. We sum up the campaign in the slogan: Consumers should have pleasure on the plate and safety in mind at all times. In essence, consumers / stakeholders should always think beyond the food on the plate and question its safety and quality. They should also participate in food-related issues at household and all societal levels (village, sub-county, district, national and international) to enhance food safety control systems.

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