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Status quo of the Food Safety System in Uganda

Status quo of the Food Safety System in Uganda. Food is essential for the very existence and sustenance of life of human kind. Therefore, it follows that its existence, in terms of quantity and quality, as well as safety and security are accorded the importance they deserve under any process - socio–economic; political, etc. Food-related issues and risks including disease infections and infestations as well as chemical and toxin contamination should be accorded due priority and addressed at all societal levels at national, regional and international levels. With increasing globalization and cooperation among nations, problems and dangers could easily and quickly spread within nations and across nations faster than ever before. The situation is worse in developing countries like Uganda where borders are highly porous and the marketplace is ill-policed due to institutional and policy weaknesses and gaps. The high prevalence of food-related and food borne diseases requires detailed regulation to guide consumers especially the most vulnerable and disadvantaged in society including infants, children, the poor, and the physically/mentally handicapped. Food-related diseases and hazards are recognized to be a significant public health problem in Uganda, although there is insufficient data to enable accurate quantification of morbidity and mortality associated with the same.

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