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Important qualities for a successful career…

Important qualities for a successful career… Personal qualities: imaginative, well-organised, creative, initiative, enthusiastic, responsible, competitive, persistent, inspirational, motivated, committed Professional qualities or knowledge: well-educated, professional, knowledgeable, able to work to tight deadlines, computer literate, able to work in a team, interpersonal skills, telephone skills, able to make decisions, able to solve problems, able to do research, negotiation skills, competent, able to cope with stress, able to take risks, self-employed, being your own boss. №10.

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«Cinema» - The total number of K in the world - about 100 thousand. Theater, public building (or part of it), equipped for movies. Modern K. in the USSR and other countries is a complex structure. The most widely K. medium capacity (from 300 to 1,000 seats). Cinema - public institution to public demonstration of films.

«Periodic table of elements» - The human need for cobalt 0,007-0,015 mg daily. In the absence of cobalt akobaltoz develops. 1751 swedish mineralogist Cronstedt. physical properties. Ni + 4CO = Ni(CO)4. biological function. 2Co + N2 = 2CoN. you have viewed the presentation of some chemical elements. 2Ni + B = Ni2B. 3Ni + N2 = Ni3N2.

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«Education» - State schools. Types of subjects. The System of Education in Britain. Types of schools. Compulsory education. Private schools (public schools). Новые слова.

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