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The aims of the lesson:

The aims of the lesson: to speak about different kinds of professions (traditional/ modern/ male/ female) to review the main words, to check your tasks to the topic to discuss the problem of choosing a profession. №2.

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«Different subcultures» - Rockers -. Gamers. Hippy -. Cyber ??Goth. Hip - hop. a person who listens to music or he sings hip-hop. Unlike normal motorcycle, the biker motorcycle is part of the lifestyle. Bikers. Emo -. Punk. hairstyle - mohawk. Informals -. Rappers. Street artists known writers, or graffery graffittery . Have created the need for a rocker style and practicality.

«Проект Изобретения» - By May 1896 the car had been built. Какие современные изобретения ты используешь в повседневной жизни? Роль рекламы в продвижении новых изобретений. Множество изобретений было создано в наше время. Умеешь ли ты пользоваться инструкциями? А что бы ты хотел изобрести? Как организовать домашнее хозяйство?

«Названия дней недели» - Боги, которым поклонялись саксонские предки британцев. Sunday. Происхождение обозначений дней недели. Thursday. Wednesday. Понедельник. Friday. Monday. Saturday. Это интересно знать. The days of the week. Tuesday.

«Computer» - many people buy computers. Computer equipment enjoys good success. in this business a lot of competitors who are trying to thee . and I will be happy to open such a beneficial. on the earned money I help the children's kindergartens. this is a very popular technique. I very like a computer. and I want to open computer business.

«Kaleidoscope» - Industry. Initially intended as a scientific tool, the kaleidoscope was later. Kaleidoscope operates. Craft galleries. Kinds of kaleidoscopes. Part containing. Another cube. Kaleidoscope. A tetrahedron. Sometimes the object cell is filled. History. Modern kaleidoscopes.

«Food» - Signs Watery or bloody diarrhea, nausea, cramps Onset: 2-5 days Duration: 5-10 days Sequela Hemolytic Uremic Syndrome (HUS) Acute kidney failure in children Life threatening. Reported Cases. Prevention and Control. Identified with radura….. Acknowledgments. Most common serotypes: S. typhimurium, S. enteriditis, S. Newport.

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