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ELEC 5200-001/6200-001 Computer Architecture and Design Spring 2015

ELEC 5200-001/6200-001 Computer Architecture and Design Spring 2015 History of Computers (Chapter 1). Vishwani D. Agrawal James J. Danaher Professor Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering Auburn University, Auburn, AL 36849 http://www.eng.auburn.edu/~vagrawal vagrawal@eng.auburn.edu. Spr 2015, Jan 16 . . . 1. 1. ELEC 5200-001/6200-001 Lecture 2.

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«Sport» - Swimming. Role skating. Canoe. skiing. Sport dancing. Sport helps people to keep in good health. football. Windsurfing. Sport in my life. Words. jumping. tennis. boxing. hockey. Physical Education is compulsory at all schools. snowboarding. Jumping with the parachute. skate. Gymnastics. running. Sport makes people healthy and strong, brave and cheerful.

«Teddy bear» - Signicificant studies of pandas in the wild does not exist. The grizzly has 30 years an average life. Black bear. Panda Bear. Polar Bear. The polar bear can without resting 80 km by ice-cold water to swim. Bears. Some 38 million years ago bears began to go their own evolutionary way. The size of the large males Kodiak Bear exceeds 3 m and their weight can reach a ton.

«The first flight» - Epilogue. Also people taught them to eat from automatic feeding trough. “Technical characteristics”. Then they lived happily in the aviary. In addition to it the dogs must be patient. All other things are very easy to do. American’s achievements. The World’s Celebrities. Belka and Strelka made a flight 19 august 1960.

«Cinema» - Salkov and Cats presents. The most widely K. medium capacity (from 300 to 1,000 seats). Modern K. in the USSR and other countries is a complex structure. thank you for your attention. Theater, public building (or part of it), equipped for movies. The total number of K in the world - about 100 thousand.

«Sommerferien» - Starikow Anton. Wir waren in Gebirge. Sommerferien. Wir alte Schloss besuchen. Wir waren in der Fluss und der Wald. Wir pflucken Beere. Wir fahren ins Auslands, ans Meer. Wir Blume pflancen. Wir fahren auf Dampfschiff. Der Sommer wir sorgen fur Haustiere: Kuhe, Hund. Katze. Das Fischen ist Hobbi. Langere Reise mit Ubernachtunger in einem Zelt jch findet besjnders toll.

«Ravers» - Benny Benassi feat. It went its name. Image. badges. Extremely popular piercing and tattoos. gloves. Thank you for attention. RAVERS. In my opinion subculture the ravers not as bad as it seems. Ravers prefer techno music: trance, house, drum & bass. Hair, face. Dhany – Hit my heart. Also popular caps or hats.

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