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«Город Москва» - Kutuzovskiy prospect. The Church of Ascension. Uspenskiy cathedral. Andreevskiy Bridge. Blagoveshshenskiy Cathedral. The capital of Russia is Moscow. There are many modern buildings, streets and bridges. There are a lot of beautiful churches, cathedrals, bell towers and temples in Moscow. Bell tower of Ivan the Great.

«Russian revolution» - Potemkin Mutiny. The Red Cossack. Alexander Guchkov. Kerensky as prime minister. “Red Guards”. Collapse of industry. V. I. Lenin. Leon Trotsky. Felix Dzerzhinsky. The Russian revolution. Red army armored train. February bread riot. General strike. Russian gas victims. Czar Nicholas II. Election results.

«Russian games» - Basketball appeared in the Russia in 1901. Many children are playing football. They like Football very much. It is played ball basketball. England is the home of football. Sports and games popular in Russia. Football is very popular in Russia. Country of basketball is the USA. Basketball is popular in Russia.

«My country Russia» - Russia. The stripes are white, blue and red. Russia has a population of about 145,600 people. The red colour has always meant love and bravery. It flows into the Caspian Sea. The Volga river is the longest river in Europe. The official language is Russian. Russia is situated on two continents: Europe and Asia.

«Russia» - The sculpture "the native land calls mother“ in Volgograd. In Russia 35 national parks and 84 reserves are located. «The tsar a bell»in Moscow. At present the president is-Medvedev Dmitry Anatolievich. Monument «the tsar of a down» in Moscow. Russia — democratic federal prezidentsko-parliamentary Capital — the city of Moscow.

«Moscow sights» - Choose the right answer. The founder of the Tretyakov Gallery. Литература. Insert the articles where necessary. Read the sentence. Цели. A Famous Sight of Moscow. Game. Hospitable. St Basil’s Cathedral.

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