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YOUR CAMP LEADERSHIP TEAM…. Camp Director: Greg Crowe Camp Program Director: Bill Richman Council Program Assistant: Nila Sink Director of Camping: Chuck Walker.

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«My country Russia» - It is the biggest country in the world. The stripes are white, blue and red. Russia has a population of about 145,600 people. Russia. Summer temperatures in Russia from +1 to +40, and in winter from -1 to -50 degrees. This flag has three wide stripes on it. Russia is situated on two continents: Europe and Asia.

«Russian revolution» - Russian Artillery. Murmansk. American John Reed. Women’s volunteer detachment. Trotsky as commissar of war. Broom factory. Russian Artillery Shelling Galacia. Northwest Europe. Foreign intervention. Nestor Makhno. Alexander Kerensky. Kerensky as prime minister. Bolsheviks storming the winter palace.

«About Russia» - What Russians Like to Eat. Russia ABCs. http://allrecipes.com/Recipe/Borscht-I/Detail.aspx. Map of Russia. Tom Streissguth. Celebrating Birthdays in Russia. www.pbase.com/hiker_photograph/image/48246979. Capstone Press. 1998. Let’s Learn About Russia. Ann Berge. Facts About Russia. The capital of Russia is Moscow.

«Russia» - Unique in the country the natural park which is in city boundaries — Omska. At present the president is-Medvedev Dmitry Anatolievich. Kremlin in Moscow. Monument «the tsar of a down» in Moscow. Sights Russia. Russia is located in Northern hemisphere, in the north of continent Eurasia. Woods occupy over 40 % of territory.

«Russian games» - Sports and games popular in Russia. Basketball is popular in Russia. Many children are playing football. In Russia football appeared at the end 19th century. Football is very popular in Russia. It is played ball basketball. Basketball appeared in the Russia in 1901. They like Football very much. England is the home of football.

«Город Москва» - Cathedral of Nicola in Hamovniki. The city is situated on seven hills. Now Moscow is the biggest and most wonderful city in Russia. I love Moscow very much. It is more than 850 years old. Blagoveshshenskiy Cathedral. The temple of Christ the Saviour. The Church of Ascension. Andreevskiy Bridge. Pokrovskiy cathedral.

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