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Используемая литература: Афанасьева О. Английский язык ч.4 - М.: Просвещение.- 1995.- с.363-390. Карта и атлас мира. Лэард Э. Добро пожаловать в Великобританию и США.- М.: Просвещение.-1994.-63с. Старков А.Английский язык/ 6-ой год обучения.- Санкт - Петербург, 1999.-278с.

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«United States» - fauna. The main political parties - the Republican and Democratic. The Pacific Ocean is Hawaii. Smaller undrained salt lakes located in depressions of the Great Basin. geography. Economy: currently the largest in the world ($ 14.2 trillion).. In addition, in the U.S. are still two of the state. Most of the runoff owned U.S. Gulf of Mexico basin of the Atlantic.

«The sights of the USA» - Lincoln Memorial. The construction of this memorial began in 1925. Statue of liberty. SEEING ONCE IS BETTER THAN HEARING TWICE. It is a white marble structure 165 meters tall. The Four Corners. The Congress consists of the Senate and the House of Representatives. Graceland: Alcatraz. Niagara Falls. THE MOUNT RUSHMORE MEMORIAL.

«New York» - Prison Hallway with cells to the left: Located on the North Eastern side of the United States. Double Cell: Ministerial, Family and Volunteer Services. Three general categories of indicators will be monitored: Racial, Religion and Ancestral Makeup. This alternative to incarceration program is 6 to 12 months in duration.

«Symbols of the USA» - Official Flower. The Motto. Mount Rushmore. Thomas Jefferson Memorial. The Lincoln Memorial. White House. Statue of Liberty. American flag. Symbols of the USA. Liberty Bell. Spiritual side. Great Seal of the United States. Eagle.

«Англия и Америка» - Сравнение британского и американского вариантов английского языка. С 50-х годов XX века отмечается проникновение американизмов в английскую речь британцев, австралийцев, новозеландцев, и канадцев, а с 70-х годов — в речь иноязычных народов. Лингвистическая характеристика английского языка. Глобализация торговли, экономики, новых технологий способствовали и глобализации американского английского языка.

«Jimmy Carter» - Sources used. Career. Jimmy Carter. 1977 - Panama Canal Treaty. Born on October 1, 1924 Plains, Georgia. Soldier, Peanut Farmer, Professor, Politician, Statesman 39th president. Education. To find out what contribution Jimmy Carter made ??to the development of America. Contens. Aim. Family. His Parents.

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