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Welcome to the USA
Welcome to the USA.

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«United States» - President - Head of State, Chief of the armed forces. About the country. Population - more than 309 million people (third place). This difference, however, is limited to the internal division. climate. minerals. In addition, in the U.S. are still two of the state. relief. fauna. United States - a country in North America.

«USA» - Fast food consumption has sparked health concerns. Food. Tennis and many outdoor sports are popular as well. USA-United States of America. College football and basketball attract large audiences. Education. Eight Olympic Games have taken place in the United States. Sports. Wheat is the primary cereal grain.

«Interesting places in the USA» - National Air and Space Museum. The Empire State Building. Melting pot. Sequoia National Park. California. Достопримечательности Америки. Devil’s Tower. The sights of America. The history of flight. The USA. Место проведения проекта. The White House. Навыки самостоятельной работы. Nature sights. Результаты представления исследования.

«Symbols of the USA» - Spiritual side. Statue of Liberty. Thomas Jefferson Memorial. Liberty Bell. Symbols of the USA. Official Flower. Mount Rushmore. American flag. Eagle. White House. The Lincoln Memorial. The Motto. Great Seal of the United States.

«Бостонское чаепитие» - Soon after this, the war between Britain and the American colonic, started. The British policy was very strict. Patience of Americans came to an end in 1773. Since all the tea was thrown into the water, this event got the name The Boston Tea Party. To do this several Americans dressed as Indians went on board the ships secretly and acted according to their plan.

«Sport in the USA» - The most popular cultural. US sporting stars. Young capitalist nation. USA. The major american ideologies. The USA is driven by capitalism. America is a decentralised society. The size of the state. Commercialism. THE most powerful nation. Population is 293 million. Modifications to games. Sport in the USA.

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