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«St. Valentines day» - Для любви нет преград. Valentine? He changed the law. 7. When did Valentine's cards become popular in the UK? Actors Bee keepers Orphans Vinegar makers. 8. What fruit or vegetable is often called a love-apple? He left the military to get married. A member of the Roman Senate An emperor of Rome A Roman martyr A soldier.

«День Валентина» - Задание «Найди слова». Научимся подписывать валентинки. Because you make me so fine, I’ll take you for my Valentine! Дружба. They like your face. Valentine's Day is celebrated on February 14th. Святой. WORD SEARCH. По другим легендам Святой Валентин был священником и доктором. Валентин сделал всё, что смог.

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