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Places of interest in London

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«London city» - 1. Actually there are several Londons. Right Wrong. HISTORY. Excellent! Today, covers, of, millions, London, with, a vast area, inhabitants. It is the financial and (деловой) centre of Great Britain. LONDON. It forms a kind of circle with a radius from fifteen to twenty miles. This is a vast area running eastward from the City.

«City London» - To the east the large area called the East End. The best places of the West End. This is London’s poorest part. Kensington Gardens. London. Its population is about 7 million people. Trafalgar Square. Statue on border the city of London. The famous places in the London. A rich sugar manufacturer Henry Tate founded it in 1897.

«Welcome to London» - The East End. Ист Энд. Вестминстер. Сити. Вест Энд. Флаг Великобритании. The flag of the UK. The West End. Big Ben. Лондон. London. Restaurant. St. Paul Cathedral. Westminster Abbey. Westminster. The city. The House of Parliament. Flag. Welcome to London.

«London» - Tower of London. We like our city, and you ? Speaker's Corner. Кроссворд Лондон. The Queen's residence. Buckingham Palace. Paul's Cathedral. INVITE. PICCADILLY CIRCUS. James' Park. the heart of London. Westminster Abbey. Начать тестирование. LONDON. knowing. Мои документы. Лондон. Урок. TRAFALGAR SQUARE.

«Westminster abbey» - King Edward the Confessor built a place beside the River Thames in the 11th century. Questions. Many other famous people are also buried in Westminster Abbey. Prepared by student of 32 groups Gerasimova Kate. Another tradition is that the Queen is not allowed to enter the house of Commons. Gradually Westminster became the centre of government.

«Big Ben clock» - A modern picture of 'Big Ben'. Nickname. At the base of each clock dial in gilt letters is the Latin inscription: The surround of the dials isgilded. The origin of the nickname Big Ben is the subject of some debate. Significance in popular culture l. The clock and dials were designed by Augustus Pugin.

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