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The Hermitage in Sankt-Peterburge
The Hermitage in Sankt-Peterburge.

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«Christmas рождество» - Оборудование: O Christmas tree, O Christmas tree With faithful leaves unchanging. What magic and healing properties does mistletoe have? Cловарь. Christmas. 1. When is Christmas Day observed? Цели и задачи мероприятия. Why is holly known as the Holy Tree? What is the Advent wreath? Предлагаемый сценарий мероприятия на английском языке предназначен для учащихся 4-7 классов .

«Dreamers» - What was their “dream”? What were some of the obstacles they faced? BILL GATES. Who is the “dreamer”, and when did they live? He has had a few health issues recently due to exhaustion. Colin Jenkins 10b. What did they achieve? His first Business venture failed. Dreamers. To a business that would create a software system to run on all computers (Windows).

«Jonathan Swift» - Jonathan Swift. There was all the world and his wife. Bread is the staff of life. 1704. 1667-1745. She pays him in his own coin. 1726. Tale of the Tub (1696 – 1697) Battle of the Books. Gulliver's Travels Travels into Several Remote Nations of the World by Lemuel Gulliver http://www.jaffebros.com/lee/gulliver/contents.html.

«Flat» - are. A FLAT. a wall unit. a carpet. a sofa. Т.Г.Черепанова, учитель английского языка. a stereo. This is a living – room. an armchair. There is a table in the middle of the room. flat. There ... a chair in the room. a computer. task. There ... in the room. There ... 2 beds in the room. a bedroom. There a ... in the room.

«Australia» - town country centre part weather region. Знакомство с географическим положением Австралии. Australia. [W???n] [a?lэnd] [sentэ] [ju:kэl?ptэs] [r?:dзэn] [?эr?э] [pl?tou] [skw?э]. Geographical position. Цель: Чтение текста «Australia» Составить рассказ по плану. План. Nouns Centre Continent +al Industry Culture Climate +ic Rain +y.

«Reading» - Agatha loved to hear and tell stories in her childhood. Her first novel,The Mysterious Affair at Styles,die1920. My hobby is reading. I`m her absolute No 1 fan! The books are brilliant! Reading is a way for me to relax and to use imagination. Her stile is popular today. In 1930 ,she wrote a powerful detective story,The Murder at the Vicarage.

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