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Nicholas II opening the Duma
Nicholas II opening the Duma.

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«About Russia» - More Good Websites. Picture Window Books. 2004. Learn More About Russia. Cheryl L. Enderlein. Irkutsk, in Siberia. Facts About Russia. Map of Russia. Go to these websites for some Russian recipes: Discovering Cultures- Russia. Some Famous Russians. Moscow. www.pbase.com/hiker_photograph/image/48246979.

«Russian revolution» - Lenin. “Red Guards”. Kerensky at the front. Putilov machine works. Russian steel workers. General strike. The provisional government. Pavel Miliukov. Foreign intervention. Leon Trotsky. Petrograd. Red army armored train. February. Nestor Makhno. Alexander Guchkov. Russian Artillery Shelling Galacia.

«My country Russia» - The official language is Russian. Summer temperatures in Russia from +1 to +40, and in winter from -1 to -50 degrees. The red colour has always meant love and bravery. The Volga river is the longest river in Europe. The stripes are white, blue and red. It flows into the Caspian Sea. One Russian symbol is the Russian national flag.

«Russia» - At present the president is-Medvedev Dmitry Anatolievich. The Hermitage in Sankt-Peterburge. «The tsar a bell»in Moscow. Woods occupy over 40 % of territory. Kremlin in Moscow. Cruiser an «Aurora»in Sankt-Peterburg. Monument Pushkin in Moscow. Mausoleum Lenina in Moscow. Welcome to Russia. In Russia 35 national parks and 84 reserves are located.

«Урок Московский Кремль» - This gun was never fired. 5. Московский Кремль – гордость русской культурЫ. Моги?ла Неизве?стного Солда?та — памятник в Москве, в Александровском саду, у стен Кремля. Нулевой километр автодорог. Now the center of Moscow is located on Red Square. ТЕМА УРОКА: Прогулка по кремлю. Weighing 200 tons, it is 20 feet high and about 22 feet in diameter.

«Город Москва» - The Church of Ascension. Moscow is an old city. I love Moscow very much. Spasskaya Tower. The temple of Christ the Saviour. Kutuzovskiy prospect. Cathedral of Nicola in Hamovniki. The city is situated on seven hills. Pokrovskiy cathedral. Arkhangelskiy Cathedral. Bell tower of Ivan the Great. The Kremlin is the heart of Moscow.

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