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Lenin rids the land of “Byvshiie”
Lenin Rids the Land of “Byvshiie”.

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«Город Москва» - Andreevskiy Bridge. Arkhangelskiy Cathedral. Kutuzovskiy prospect. The Church of Ascension. The temple of Christ the Saviour. It is more than 850 years old. Uspenskiy cathedral. There are a lot of beautiful churches, cathedrals, bell towers and temples in Moscow. There are many modern buildings, streets and bridges.

«Russian revolution» - Reds and Whites. Katerina Breshkovskaia. Foreign intervention. Mikhail Uritskii. Red Terror. Women’s volunteer detachment. February. V. I. Lenin. Felix Dzerzhinsky. Alexander Guchkov. Devastation of war – Ukraine. Alexander Kerensky. Leon Trotsky. Czar Nicholas II. Pavel Miliukov. American John Reed.

«Урок Московский Кремль» - Нулевой километр автодорог. Длина пушки – 5,34 м, масса –40 т (2400 пудов). It is 17 feet long and has a caliber of 35 inches. It weighs 40 tons. Before the revolution it had up to 200 small shops. This gun was never fired. The Kremlin was ordered to be built by Yuri Dolgorukiy in 1156. 5. It is located at the Kremlin wall in the Alexander Garden.

«About Russia» - Ann Berge. A Ticket to Russia. www.russia.com/photos/. Carolrhoda Books, Inc. 1997. Cheryl L. Enderlein. Excellent for 3-5. Where is Russia? www.pbase.com/hiker_photograph/image/48246979. Famous Palaces (click on the names to find out more). Sarah DeCapua. Books to Read. Map of Russia. Moscow. Go to these websites for some Russian recipes:

«Moscow sights» - Game. The founder of the Tretyakov Gallery. Choose the right answer. Insert the articles where necessary. Read the sentence. A Famous Sight of Moscow. Литература. Hospitable. St Basil’s Cathedral. Цели.

«Russia» - «The tsar a bell»in Moscow. Sights Russia. The chastooshka is a folklore element. Monument Pushkin in Moscow. Russia is the secular state. Woods occupy over 40 % of territory. Welcome to Russia. Mausoleum Lenina in Moscow. The sculpture "the native land calls mother“ in Volgograd. Unique in the country the natural park which is in city boundaries — Omska.

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