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“Red Guards”
“Red Guards”.

Слайд 52 из презентации «Russian revolution» к урокам английского языка на тему «Россия»

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«Город Москва» - There are many modern buildings, streets and bridges. The Kremlin is the heart of Moscow. Pokrovskiy cathedral. Andreevskiy Bridge. Moscow is an old city. Arkhangelskiy Cathedral. Kutuzovskiy prospect. The Church of Ascension. Cathedral of Nicola in Hamovniki. Blagoveshshenskiy Cathedral. The city is situated on seven hills.

«Moscow sights» - Choose the right answer. Read the sentence. A Famous Sight of Moscow. Литература. Цели. St Basil’s Cathedral. Hospitable. The founder of the Tretyakov Gallery. Insert the articles where necessary. Game.

«Russia» - Welcome to Russia. Sights Russia. In Russia 35 national parks and 84 reserves are located. Russia — democratic federal prezidentsko-parliamentary Capital — the city of Moscow. Unique in the country the natural park which is in city boundaries — Omska. Mausoleum Lenina in Moscow. Woods occupy over 40 % of territory.

«Russian revolution» - Soviet of workers and soldiers deputies. Devastation of war – Ukraine. Czar Nicholas II. Russian Artillery Shelling Galacia. Pavel Miliukov. Russian steel workers. Nestor Makhno. Peace, land, bread and national self-determination. Reds and Whites. Foreign intervention. Election results. Putilov machine works.

«My country Russia» - The Volga river is the longest river in Europe. One Russian symbol is the Russian national flag. This flag has three wide stripes on it. Russia has a population of about 145,600 people. Russia. The red colour has always meant love and bravery. The official language is Russian. Russia is situated on two continents: Europe and Asia.

«About Russia» - The population of Russia is 149,476,000. What Russians Like to Eat. Russia is famous for… (Click on each name for more information.). A Ticket to Russia. Excellent for 3-5. www.euratlas.com/Atlas/ russia/peterhof_palace.jpg. Where is Russia? Cheryl L. Enderlein. http://allrecipes.com/Recipe/Borscht-I/Detail.aspx.

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