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Reds and Whites
Reds and Whites.

Слайд 55 из презентации «Russian revolution» к урокам английского языка на тему «Россия»

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«Урок Московский Кремль» - This gun was never fired. The Kremlin was ordered to be built by Yuri Dolgorukiy in 1156. It is located at the Kremlin wall in the Alexander Garden. Before the revolution it had up to 200 small shops. Московский Кремль – гордость русской культурЫ. Длина пушки – 5,34 м, масса –40 т (2400 пудов). Нулевой километр автодорог.

«Город Москва» - The Kremlin is the heart of Moscow. Blagoveshshenskiy Cathedral. The Church of Ascension. Bell tower of Ivan the Great. It is more than 850 years old. Arkhangelskiy Cathedral. The capital of Russia is Moscow. I love Moscow very much. The temple of Christ the Saviour. Cathedral of Nicola in Hamovniki.

«Russia» - The sculpture "the native land calls mother“ in Volgograd. Monument Pushkin in Moscow. Sights Russia. The chastooshka is a folklore element. Kremlin in Moscow. At present the president is-Medvedev Dmitry Anatolievich. Russia is the secular state. Unique in the country the natural park which is in city boundaries — Omska.

«Russian revolution» - Russian rout. Alexander Kerensky. The Red Cossack. Julius Martov. Bolsheviks storming the winter palace. Lenin. “Red Guards”. Women’s volunteer detachment. V. I. Lenin. Petrograd. Broom factory. Long live world october. Katerina Breshkovskaia. Trotsky as commissar of war. Leon Trotsky. Japanese and russian officers.

«About Russia» - Let’s visit some important cities in Russia. Russia: A Portrait of the Country Through Its Festivals and Traditions. What Russians Like to Eat. Russia ABCs. Discovering Cultures- Russia. Map of Russia. Petersburg. http://allrecipes.com/Recipe/Borscht-I/Detail.aspx. Go to these websites for some Russian recipes:

«Moscow sights» - The founder of the Tretyakov Gallery. Game. A Famous Sight of Moscow. Choose the right answer. Hospitable. Insert the articles where necessary. Литература. St Basil’s Cathedral. Цели. Read the sentence.

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