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Crater of Diamonds State Park Arkansas The Natural State is blessed

Crater of Diamonds State Park Arkansas The Natural State is blessed with an abundance of geological wonders. Crater of Diamonds State Park, the only diamond-producing site in the world open to the public It is a one-of-a-kind experience in the world. You are invited to experience this unique attraction and enjoy the thrill of digging for diamonds. The park staff will identify your finds for you. And unlike other diamond-bearing sites, the park policy is "finders, keepers." Any diamonds, semi-precious stones, rocks, or minerals you unearth are yours to keep, regardless of their value. Diamonds come in all colors of the rainbow. The three colors unearthed here are white, brown and yellow, in that order.

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«New York» - Parolees (Per 100,000). Police Department Mission Priorities continued: Transitional Services Programs. According to a 2004 estimate, 20.4% of the population is foreign-born. New York’s Community Services in Profile: parole. By: Brittny Downing. Prison Goals: These appeals are made directly to the Parole Board.

«Американский и британский английский» - Особенности и отличия. Грамматика. Американский и британский английский. Испокон веков английский рос и креп в окружении враждебных ему латыни и англо-нормандского. Появление нового значения у слова, использование синонимичного слова. Латынь была языком Церкви и монастырей, а значит, образования и науки..

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